Tucker Carlson Points Out The Absurdity Of Privileged Cory Booker’s “Communities Like Mine” Comment (VIDEO)

On Thursday’s show Tucker Carlson blasted the absurdity of Senator Cory Booker barking at Joe Biden for destroying “communities like mine.”

As Tucker pointed out — Cory Booker grew up in upscale Harrington, New Jersey.

Tucker Carlson: Cory Booker meanwhile is in the process of transitioning to a brand-new identity, he spent most of the evening trying to sound like a Nation of Islam recruiter rather than the deeply privileged son of two IBM executives which is what he is… (laughing) That’s Booker barking at the former Vice President. The best is “communities like mine were destroyed by you, Joe Biden.” Cory Booker grew up in Harrington Park, New Jersey. The black population of Harrington Park? 0.6% less than 1%. The poverty rate for families in Harrington Park is literally zero! Not a single family in Harrington Park is poor. Not one! That’s where Cory Booker grew up. So the only way that Joe Biden’s crime policies destroyed Cory Booker’s home town is to allow its citizens to move out to gentrified Brooklyn. Cory Booker is by far the most privileged candidate running for president in either party this year.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:


It’s not the first time Tucker Carlson has ridiculed Cory Booker for playing victim.
In June Tucker claimed Cory Booker is the most privileged candidate in the Democrat field.

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