Trump Supporters Go to Baltimore to Clean Up Rep. Cummings’ Ravaged District — Find 20-Year-Old Pieces of Trash

Last week conservative activist Scott Presler (pictured above) called for a Trash Clean-Up Day in Baltimore!

Scott wrote The Gateway Pundit hoping we would share the news, “After the comments on Baltimore, I’ve decided to organize a trash clean up in Baltimore city next week. Instead of just tweeting, or complaining about how bad things are, we are going to take action. The tweet that I posted about going to Baltimore has gone viral and dozens of volunteers have messaged me wanting to help clean up trash. I just wanted to make you aware that this is happening.”


On Monday Scott Presler and 170 Trump supporters gathered in Baltimore for a trash clean-up day.

They worked for 12 hours and picked up 12 tons of trash.


Jack Posobiec was there to film the community clean-up.

During the Baltimore clean up day the Trump-supporters found trash from 1999.
And they found trash from Obama’s inauguration.

Rep. Elijah Cummings was elected into office in 1996.
The trash started piling up soon after.

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