Trump Immigration Director Ken Cuccinelli Blames Paul Ryan for Blocking GOP Immigration Plan So He Could Push Amnesty (VIDEO)

Ken Cuccinelli, the Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, joined a panel on End the Border Crisis today at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

During the discussion Director Cuccinelli correctly blamed former Speaker Paul Ryan for blocking Republican immigration legislation.

According to Cuccinelli, Paul Ryan blocked the Republican plan so he could push amnesty for DREAMERS.


Paul Ryan also refused for two years to fund the Trump border wall.

TGP located the video:

The Daily Caller reported:

Cuccinelli called out Ryan during a Texas Public Policy Foundation panel for the former speaker’s lack of support for an immigration bill former Republican Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte sponsored, according to The Hill.

“Let’s not forget to be bipartisan in our criticism,” Cuccinelli said Thursday at the panel.

“When Paul Ryan was the speaker, Paul Ryan submarined the best opportunity we had legislatively with the Goodlatte bill, which in the Judiciary Committee came through,” he said. “And not enough people will challenge their own leadership in the GOP to beat them down when they are wrong.”

Forty-one Republicans voted alongside Democrats against Goodlatte’s bill in June 2018, and the House ultimately rejected the bill, according to The Hill. Ryan reportedly led the GOP in backing another bill that would have helped “Dreamers” gain citizenship.

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