Tom Fitton: McCabe Lied at Least 3 Times, Leaked Classified Documents — Christopher Wray Has Done Zero to Reform the FBI — We’re Doing More than DOJ and Congress (VIDEO)

Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton joined Lou Dobbs on Monday to discuss the latest developments in the Spygate investigation.

According to reports federal prosecutors are in the final stages of making a decision on whether to indict former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on charges of lying to feds, including under oath. The potential indictment of McCabe stems from the Inspector General’s findings that the FBI official lied to federal investigators. McCabe also leaked classified documents to the liberal press.

If McCabe walks we KNOW we have no judicial system and are no better than a banana republic.


Tom Fitton added in his discussion with Lou Dobbs that Christopher Wray has done nothing.

“Right now the FBI doesn’t want to give us one text message from Andrew McCabe and they’re being forced by a judge as you just pointed out in a Judicial Watch case to go look for Steele documents after he was a confidential informant because the FBI is telling us they were trying to protect Steele’s privacy. And a judge laughed at that… This is an FBI that thinks it’s above the law. Christopher Wray has done zero to reform the institution and he’s fighting tooth-and-nail on anything that will make the FBI look bad.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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