UPDATE:In a subsequent phone interview with the reporter/victim Charlie Kratovil, Kratovil said he was not aware of a gun being pulled and after reviewing the hotel security video doubts that it was a gun being wielded by the man in the blue suit. Watch below to decide. Article updated with qualifiers.

Freedom of the press? Transparency? Not when CNN analyst April Ryan is speaking. Video taken August 3rd by a reporter shows April Ryan apparently siccing her security guard on the reporter who was videotaping her speech at a New Brunswick, New Jersey charity event by Project Ready. After speaking with Ryan–who stopped her speech shortly after beginning it because it was being filmed–the guard is seen stealing the reporter’s camera and taking it out of the banquet hall at The Heldrich Hotel. Hotel security video later shows Ryan’s guard manhandling the reporter in the lobby and forcibly ejecting him from the hotel. Another man, in a blue suit, pulls what appears to be a handgun and points it at the reporter! It is not clear if the man who apparently pulled the gun on the reporter is hotel or Ryan security. (UPDATE: Kratovil said the man is the hotel manager.)

The reporter had been cleared by the event organizer and PR firms handling the event to attend and videotape Ryan’s keynote speech. However Ryan, after speaking to her security guard from the stage, informed the audience that she bans reporters from her speeches so she can speak freely.

Screen image from hotel security video shows man in blue suit at top center pointing what appears to be a black handgun at a reporter in white shirt trying to cover April Ryan speech being forcibly removed by Ryan security guard in black suit.

Video of the hotel lobby assault. Ryan’s security guard is in the black suit. After giving back the camera to the reporter he then attempts to steal it back as others crowd around the reporter and demand he leave. When the reporter resists, the guard grabs hims and forces him out of the hotel. A heavy-set man in a blue suit pulls what appears to be a black handgun from his right and points it at the reporter and follows as he is ejected. The man puts the apparent gun away without firing it.

Longer video via YouTube:

The reporter who was attacked is Charlie Kratovil, the founder and editor of New Brunswick Today. (Note, Kratovil says he is anti-Trump, so Ryan fragged an ally in the Resistance.)

Video shows Ryan speaking to her guard before the guard removes Kratovil’s camera while it is recording.

Kratovil posted a multi-part Twitter thread (excerpts below) explaining what happened and identifying Ryan’s security guard as Joel Morris.

UPDATE: Independent screen grab:


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