The Mooch Betrays the President and America – Joined Clintons and Rothschilds at Martha’s Vineyard Last Weekend

The self-described ‘Mooch’, Anthony Scaramucci joined Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Rothschilds at Martha’s Vineyard last weekend!

The far-left Vanity Fair reported –

For a while now, the two men have also been celebrating their birthdays together, courtesy of their friends Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, of the imperial European banking family, and his wife, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a former telecommunications executive. The latest party was held this past weekend on Martha’s Vineyard at Bagehot Backs, the Rothschilds’ tasteful estate in Edgartown—it has been featured in many a shelter magazine—and included quite an A-list cast of characters, including many Democratic party stalwarts.

Hillary Clinton was there with her husband, of course, as was John Kerry, the former Massachusetts senator and secretary of state who recently moved to the Vineyard from Nantucket. So too were Mark Warner, Democrat senator of Virginia, and Terry McAuliffe, the former governor. Billionaire Carlos Slim, the Mexican businessman who owns a large stake in the New York Times, made an appearance. Harvard professor Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. was also in attendance, according to videos sent by a source, although another Harvard professor, Alan Dershowitz, who has attended the party in the past, was not. (Notably absent from the celebration were any traces of Barack or Michelle Obama, or Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s senior adviser, who also vacations on the Vineyard at this time of year.)

As the evening progressed, and most everyone was getting deeper and deeper into their cups, it was time to sing. First came a rousing edition of “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing”—often referred as the black national anthem—based on a 1900 poem by James Weldon Johnson and set to music five years later by his brother. Jordan and Clinton led the assembled group in song. Next up was an even more exuberant rendition of “America the Beautiful.” It is hard not to be inspired watching the videos.

Joining in the song and celebration this year was none other than Anthony Scaramucci, aka the Mooch, who was making his first appearance at the event. Mooch’s presence among the Democratic Party royalty is especially notable given that he is in the midst of a high-profile attempt to defenestrate his former boss Donald Trump from the White House and to defeat him at the polls in November 2020 by organizing what he hopes will be a primary challenge against the president. Not surprisingly, their feud has taken a nasty turn, especially on Twitter, where Trump has publicly attacked Scaramucci’s wife. “I made a mistake supporting @realDonaldTrump,” Scaramucci tweeted on August 19. “I don’t need to be absolved of that. But now I will do what it takes to help make things right.”

As we noted two days ago, President Trump’s former Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, has fallen from grace. Maybe he never was the team player that was portrayed?

This past week Scaramucci made headlines again. This time not for his passion for President Trump and those who voted for him, but rather for disturbing hits on the President and his followers.

On Sunday Anthony Scaramucci went on Media Buzz and accused Trump of being a cult leader and his supporters of being cultists.

On Monday morning President Trump tweeted the following in response to the Mooch’s actions:

As we look back at a post from Jack Posobiec on Twitter from May 2018, perhaps there is more to the Mooch’s madness than meets the eye.

Posobiec noted in a tweet that Stefan Halper sent an email to Carter Page where he insinuates that Page will have some relief knowing “Scaramucci will be accommodated” in the White House –

We really don’t know what this email from Halper means but it sure looks like Halper was insinuating that Scaramucci was working on the same team as Halper and Page.

We know that Halper was not on the Trump Train, we now know without a doubt that the Mooch isn’t either!

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