SHOTS FIRED: Susan Sarandon Takes Hard Swipe at Elizabeth Warren During Bernie Sanders Rally (WATCH)

Actress and activist Susan Sarandon took a hard swipe at Elizabeth Warren during an “ice cream social” event for Bernie Sanders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Sarandon was championing Sanders’ progressive credentials when she threw in the dig at Warren, because of the fact that she used to be a Republican.

“I’m heartened by the fact that so many people are on the ground knocking on doors and helping to give information that the mainstream media either is suppressing or corrupting or misrepresenting,” Sarandon said. “It’s so, so important, because when people know and when they hear the senator’s policies, when they see his track record, when they know how authentic he is and how he has been fighting for these issues for so long, that he is the only one that had that reputation.”

“He is not someone who used to be a Republican, he is not someone who used to take money, or still thinks money, from Wall Street, he is the real deal,” Sarandon continued.


Warren was a registered Republican until 1996.

It wasn’t just Warren who was in Sarandon’s crosshairs at the event, she also knocked former Vice President Joe Biden for wanting a “middle of the road” approach to climate change.

“We don’t have time for middle ground,” Sarandon said.

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