SAY WHAT? Joe Biden Claims The Economy Is Collapsing Because Of The Trump Presidency (VIDEO)

Sometimes Joe Biden says things that are in not grounded in reality in any way. Now is one of those times.

While speaking to some reporters this week, Biden said that the economy is collapsing because of Trump’s presidency. That’s ridiculous and completely untrue.

Even the most left wing people who work at MSNBC know this isn’t true.

CNS News reports:

Biden: ‘The Economy…Is Collapsing Because of This Presidency;’ BLS: Employment at Record High

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Biden claimed that the nation’s economy and soul are “collapsing” because of Trump:

“Look, this is three years later. The world has changed. President Trump has turned it upside down internationally. He has turned it upside down economically. People are hurting badly. There’s no response. We faced a different problem ten years ago when the economy collapsed because of Republican policies.

“Now we face a problem that the economy, as well as the soul of this country, is collapsing because of this presidency.”

“So, it’s a different problem, but with the same basic principle.”

Watch the video:

The economy is booming because of Trump.

This is from Roll Call back in May:

Trump’s economy is booming, and Democrats can’t handle it

“There was a $2 trillion tax cut last year. Did you feel it? Did you get anything from it? Of course not. … All of it went to folks at the top and corporations.”

That was Joe Biden at a Pittsburgh union workers’ rally ten days ago.

C’mon, Joe. You know better.

It was an ironic kickoff from the guy who promised the Summer of Recovery in 2010. But the former vice president finds himself in the same politically awkward place as most of the Democratic presidential field and their congressional leaders.

Though they try to maintain the false narrative, the one that worked so well for them in the 2018 elections — that the Republican tax cuts only benefited the rich — the strong economy increasingly undermines their central argument…

The Democratic narrative worked in 2018 because Republicans didn’t reach voters with what was a great economic story to tell. May 3 may well be a turning point. Arguing that Americans aren’t benefitting from Republican economic policies just doesn’t pass the laugh test anymore.

Joe Biden is hoping the American people are stupid.

He’s wrong.

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