Russia Hoax Assassins – The Epoch Times – Slandered by Rachel Maddow at MSNBC for Being Conspiracy Theorists

Pot meet kettle.  A couple of days ago Rachel Maddow at MSNBC attacked the Epoch Times as a conspiracy media outlet.

This coming from the queen of Russia Hoax conspiracy is laughable!

The Epoch Times responded to Maddow’s attacks:



Brian Cates was apparently also singled out as a conspiracy theorist and yet he has a leader in destroying the Russia Hoax .

The liberal media hates him for this.


Walkaway hero Brandon Straka was also targeted and yet he has done more to speak out about the insanity of the left while encouraging the gay community and all Americans to see the left leaning Democrat party for what it really is – anti-American, Jew-hating, pro-abortion, higher taxes, open borders radicals.

Jeff Carlson at the Epoch Times put together some great posts over the past couple years uncovering information related to the crimes and corruption surrounding the Deep State’s Russia Hoax –

Maddow is known for crazy conspiracy theories but she has the gall to point at the Epoch Times?  Maddow was the queen of Russia – Trump conspiracy –

Maddow the queen of conspiracy decided to call out the Epoch Times?  Give us a break!

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