Rush Limbaugh: We Have this Never-Trumper Problem Which is Like a Fly on an Elephant’s Ass (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh joined Sean Hannity on Thursday night on his 31st anniversary as America’s talk radio host.

Limbaugh spoke about the genius of Trump, the lunatics on stage this week at the Democrat debates and the Never-Trump problem.

This was excellent.


Rush Limbaugh: He’s shown a lot of people how to take these people on. We’ve got this Never-Trumper problem that I think is kind of like a fly on an elephant’s ass, but people make it out to be bigger than it is because these were supposedly the intellectual leaders of our party. They’ve been rendered irrelevant. They know it, that’s why they’re ticked off. They’re probably going to vote Democrat if they have a chance simply because how are they going to sell cruises now?

Via Hannity:

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