Restaurant Voter Says Bernie Sanders Was Cranky and Rude to Staff, Says the Democratic Socialist Lost His Vote

The owner of San Francisco’s iconic John’s Grill says that Senator Bernie Sanders was so cranky and rude to his restaurant staff that he has now lost his vote.

Sanders and about 15 of his staffers dined at the restaurant on Thursday while he was in town for the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting.

The owner of the restaurant, John Konstin, told Politico that everyone was very nice, “except for cranky Bernie.” He says the presidential candidate was rude to the staff and refused to take photos or shake hands with any of his supporters that were there.

“He was just rude, not friendly,” Konstin said. “I think he was just hungry and didn’t want to be a politician. He lost my vote.”


Politicians and celebrities flock to John’s Grill, and photos of their well-known guests adorn the walls of the establishment.

Lee Houskeeper, the media contact for John’s Grill, said it’s uncharacteristic for Konstin to say anything negative about his patrons, according to a report from SF Gate.

“Bernie had to be in a terrible mood,” Houskeeper said. “Anyone in the public eye needs to understand when it’s time to order room service.”

Houskeeper said that Bernie’s wife, Jane, apologized as they left.

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