President Trump Requesting Comey To Go Easy on Flynn Was Key to FBI Obstruction Case Against Trump – Yet Memo Was Not Deemed Classified Per Deep State

President Trump suggested to the Former FBI Director Jim Comey to consider going easy on General Flynn who we now know was set up in a false crime of lying to the FBI.  We also now know that this event was considered a material action in the Deep State’s Trump obstruction sham.  Yet the notes from this event were never classified.

The FBI isn’t supposed to let on that there are any active investigations, let alone leak the “evidence” to those investigations. So what was the FBI’s supposed basis for obstruction of justice charges against Trump?

1. Trump’s firing of Comey;

2. Trump’s asking Comey to let Flynn go (as outlined in Comey’s Memo No. 4).


So Trump’s comments about letting Flynn go was a key component that the Deep State FBI used for  obstruction of justice.  That in and of itself should mean that this was a highly classified memo. However, Memo No. 4, was labeled by the FBI as “unofficial business use”.  How can your prime evidence in a case be labeled “unofficial business use”?

The reason why the FBI labeled it that way is because Comey gave that Memo No. 4 to his buddies and the press. It’s the same tactic they pulled when they relabeled Clinton’s crimes regarding her emails. The action was criminal, but, because the information was handled with negligence or criminal intent, the information (Comey’s memo No. 4) wasn’t labeled classified and therefore no crime occurred:

It’s evidence or it isn’t.  It was evidence when they used it to frame President Trump because they sure were using it as evidence….but the Deep State gang deliberated and decided that memo No. 4 was not that important (i.e. not classified) –

Playing both sides of the fence at the same exact time is not right.  There’s an even bigger issue about this, though…..

The FBI used this for obstruction of justice charges against Trump.

1. Trump’s firing of Comey;

2. Trump’s asking Comey to let Flynn go (as outlined in Memo No. 4).

In order to even begin to try to charge Trump with obstruction of evidence, the FBI needed both of these events. You can’t have one without the other.  If the only evidence you have is Comey’s firing, that proves nothing. You can probably try to begin to charge Trump with obstruction of justice if you have just the Flynn comment alone, but obviously, they didn’t feel as though that was enough; otherwise, they’d have charged Trump back in February when he said it, but they didn’t.

Comey screwed the Trump obstruction scam with his leaking that information.   Which means that on day one Mueller KNEW without a doubt that HE HAD NO CASE……

The FBI didn’t label memo No. 4 as classified because if they did the FBI would have indict Comey for leaking classified information and neglecting to treat it with care.

Hat tip D. Manny




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