PRESIDENT TRUMP Retweets Katie Hopkins Again – Slams “Nipple Height” Mayor Sadiq Khan and Clueless Angela Merkel

On Saturday morning President Trump once again retweeted two videos by outspoken British conservative Katie Hopkins.

Hopkins has a long friendship with President Trump. She was a contestant on the third season of The Apprentice in 2007. She is outspoken, brash, brave and patriotic. So the left hates her.

On Saturday Katie Hopkins tweeted out about the brutal sword attack in Germany this week.


Earlier this week a “Syrian refugee” impaled a Kazakh man sitting in his car with a Samurai sword in broad daylight.

Katie slammed Merkel for her hateful act of bringing millions of third world migrants to Europe.

President Trump retweeted her.

Katie Hopkins then tweeted about London Mayor Sadiq Khan and his failed policies in “stab city.”

Sadiq’s approval ratings continue to decline.

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