Police Declare “CIVIL DISTURBANCE” As Brawl Breaks Out At Portland Protest

Portland police started to retreat from a standoff with antifa and other protesters near Pioneer Square. Shortly afterward, the Trump supporter known as The Riddler showed up, and attracted immediate attention. The disorderly black dude from earlier in the protest who had been arrested had apparently already been released, as he joined back up with the protest.

Then some sort of brawl broke out between antifa and what appears to be two or three random dudes who happened to be walking along. The two dudes threw several punches at the cucks and managed to get out, despite being outnumbered. Two different soy-personsofundeterminedgendered try wacking the guys with batons, and another threatened to use a skateboard as a weapon. Shirtless big-mouth homie appeared to keep his distance.

Images from the KOIN6 feed and the Post Millenial twitter, who is apparently working with Andy Ngo today.


Seeing as how one of them is wearing a Timbers shirt (the local soccer team), it’s hard to think they were part of the pro Trump crowd. Probably just a couple of bros who were trying to get to the bar to watch some footy and got caught up in the protest.

Police then rushed back in, took the intersection, declared the event a “civil disturbance” and issued several orders for people to move along.

As of just before 5:00 PM, the police have once again retreated and the protesters have taken over the streets and intersections between Pioneer Square and Director’s Park. KATU reports that 13 people have been arrested so far.


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