Nutball Dem Candidate Marianne Williamson Takes Aim At … Andrew Jackson?

Marianne Williamson isn’t bothering herself with targeting the other 22 candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination. No, she’s got her eye on one guy — Andrew Jackson.

Forget the fact that the seventh president of the United States has been dead 174 years. Williamson thinks Jackson is a key issue in the 2020 race.

“We will begin by taking that picture of Andrew Jackson off the wall of the Oval Office,” the candidate told the Native American audience at the Frank LaMere Presidential Candidate Forum on Monday. “I am not a Native American woman, but I find it one of the greatest insults. You will not be insulted. You will be more than not insulted. If I am President of the United States, there will be a level of atonement, there will be a level of making amends.”


For laymen, when Democrats saying “making amends” that means they plan to hand out your tax money to “victims.”

Jackson was the son of immigrants who became a war hero in the War of 1812. But as with all early president, Jackson owned slaves and he battled Native Americans, eventually signing into law a bill passed by Congress known as the Indian Removal Act. The act forced the relocation of Native American tribes from their native Georgia to Oklahoma, and under his successor, Martin Van Buren, thousands of Cherokees died as they marched along what is now known as the Trail of Tears.

“It is one of the great shames, the great pockmarks on the heart of the psyche of American history,” Williamson said. “This is not a president who should be shown the honor of his portrait hanging in the Oval Office.”

President Trump has praised Jackson, calling him one of his favorite presidents. “Andrew Jackson had a great history” of “tremendous success for the country,” Trump told NBC News in 2016. Trump also opposed a move to replace the president on the $20 bill with abolitionist Harriet Tubman as “pure political correctness.”

“I want people of the United States to come to understand that what occurred on this planet was one of the great evils of history, but that I believe in redemption for nations as well for individuals,” Williamson said, referring to the federal government’s historic mistreatment of America’s original inhabitants.

“We can atone. We can make amends. And if and when I’m president of the United States, we will,” she added. “We will begin by taking that picture of Andrew Jackson off the wall of the Oval Office, I assure you.”

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