NEW: Ilhan Omar Decries Efforts to ‘Smear My Character’; Refuses to Answer ‘Stupid Questions’ About ‘Shenanigans’

Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Twitter Wednesday decried efforts to “smear my character” after she earlier refused to answer reporters’ questions that she dismissed as “stupid” and about “shenanigans” when asked at a Minneapolis event about allegations she funneled campaign funds to the company of a consultant Omar is accused of having an affair with according to a divorce filing by the consultant’s wife.

“The amount of energy and money people are spending to smear my character is alarming. It’s as if these people can’t come to terms with my existence in Congress. I wonder why?”


Earlier Wednesday KARE-TV reporter Lou Raguse tweeted about Omar’s refusal to answer questions at a public event:

“I’m at a public event that @IlhanMN is attending. We will see if she responds to allegations of improper payments relating to alleged affair. @kare story-…@ilhan did not address the allegations and then took a predictable dig at the press for “only wanting to cover shenanigans”

“@IlhanMN and her communications team has been making a point over the last week or more of listing congressional accomplishments. Possibly in response to narrative that her distractions outweigh accomplishments…@IlhanMN
’s comment at the beginning of this round table on food insecurity was along those lines “it’s funny they say” she doesn’t do work — but then we show up while she is, and we “just want to talk about shenanigans”

“No surprise, @IlhanMN dodged questions as I followed her out. When I asked why she’s dodging the questions, she said “Because they’re stupid questions.”

Reporter Theo Keith with KMSP-TV was blocked by an Omar aide to keep him away from asking questions, “NEWS: U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar calls it “stupid” to be asking her about alleged misuse of campaign funds. An aide later boxed me into a door to keep reporters away from Omar as she left an event at a north Minneapolis grocery store.”

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy, who interviewed Omar on Tuesday, reported Omar would not answer questions, “.⁦@IlhanMN holds round table on food insecurity in N. Mpls. – she did not answer questions as she entered about her relationship with a political consultant that is cited in a DC divorce filing. Omar campaign paid consultant more than 200K according to FEC @wcco 6pm”

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