“My Testimony in Front of Senate Should be Interesting” – Papadopoulos Fires Warning Shot at Jim Comey and Conspiracy Peddlers at Washington Post

Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and Western intelligence asset Joseph Mifsud

In an op-ed published by the junk news website Washington Post in May 2019, fired FBI Director James Comey alleged that the mysterious Joseph Mifsud was a Russian operative.

Comey wrote:  “In April 2016, that adviser talked to a Russian agent in London, learned that the Russians had obtained ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of emails and that the Russians could assist the Trump campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to Clinton.”

Last night investigative journalist John Solomon from The Hill told Sean Hannity that Western asset Joseph Mifsud has already testified and the Durham investigators have already obtained a taped deposition of his testimony.

Deep State operatives claimed for over two years that Joseph Mifsud was a Russian operative. It is clear now that this was a lie. Mifsud was a Western intelligence operative used by the US and other allies.


Any day now Inspector General Michael Horowitz is expected to release a report that will include damning information on James Comey.

George Papadopoulos sent out a warning shot on Thursday to James Comey and the conspiracy peddlers at the Washington Post.

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