UPDATED! VIDEO Of Man Knocked Unconscious By Antifa At Portland Protest

After most of the pro Trump contingent left downtown Portland, a few scattered remnants of their group meandered in, apparently a little late and unaware of the developing situation. Seeing a couple of non conformists in their midst, the crazed leftists immediately pounced, accosting the couple and chasing them away. As the couple retreated, things got violent. They were outnumbered exponentially, and the dude was beaten to the ground. Several crazed far left antifa thugs started stomping on the guy’s skull as he laid on the ground.

Multiple angles were seen on the KATU and KOIN live streams, as well as the Post Millenial feed on Twitter.

UPDATED: Video of the incident:


Police, of course, nowhere to be seen, as his partner draped over him while protester medics tended to him. You’re left to fend for yourself, but you’ll be the one arrested if you have to defend yourself.


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