Lunatic Amazon Employee and Trans Activist Paige Thompson Hacked into Capital One’s Network – Stole Sensitive Data on 106 Million People

Paige Adele Thompson

A lunatic systems engineer was arrested on charges that she hacked into Capital One’s network and stole sensitive data on 106 million people.
Paige A. Thompson was an employee of Amazon web services.

Paige is a trans activist.


Paige Thompson regretted her transition.

According to court documents reveal that, according to prosecutors, Thompson had threatened to commit a mass shooting at a social media company in May of 2019, and had also threatened to commit suicide-by-cop.

And this lunatic had access to 106 million Americans’ private sensitive data!

Paige Thompson bragged about her hacking.

Arstechnica reported:

A systems engineer identified in media reports as a former Amazon employee has been arrested on charges that she hacked into Capital One’s network and stole sensitive data for about 106 million people, according to an FBI court filing and a statement from the Virginia-based bank.

According to reporting by The New York Times and Bloomberg News citing company representatives, defendant Paige A. Thompson, 33, of Seattle was an employee of Amazon Web Services. FBI Special Agent Joel Martini wrote in a criminal complaint filed on Monday that a GitHub account, belonging to Thompson, contained evidence that earlier this year someone exploited a firewall vulnerability in Capital One’s network that allowed an attacker to execute a series of commands on the bank’s servers.

Capital One has confirmed the intrusion and said it affected about 100 million individuals in the US and 6 million people in Canada. Personal information taken included names, incomes, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Social security numbers for 140,000 people were also obtained, and about 80,000 bank account numbers were accessed.

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