LIVE: Patriots Gathering At Portland at “End Domestic Terrorism” March and Rally (Photos-Video)

The “End Domestic Terrorism” rally and march is underway in Portland. Joe Biggs, the Proud Boys, and other pro Trump groups gathered on the east side of the Willamette River, and are now marching across the Morrison bridge to downtown. Police are blocking the sidewalk, not allowing the patriots to cross. Paddy wagons of riot cops are standing by, as fights are already breaking out on the west side of the bridge, where some Trump supporters have been encircled by antifa.

Plenty of livestreams out there, including Pete Santilli and KOIN 6:

Right wing-antifa protest, August 17, 2019

Watch: Right-wing groups, antifa protest in downtown Portland, August 17, 2019. Story details here:

Posted by KOIN 6 on Saturday, August 17, 2019

The event has caught the attention of President Trump.


Hopefully this means federal investigations into the corruption within Portland.

Meanwhile, antifa provocateur Luis Marquez has attempted to file an emergency restraining order against Biggs, Tara LaRosa, and 100 John Does, as part of a $322,000 lawsuit, in an attempt to manipulate the legal system against the Trump supporters. It’s been filed, presumably pro bono, by the Oregon Justice Resource Center.

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