LIVE COVERAGE from Hong Kong: Protests Continue – Hundreds of Thousands March in Rain Defying Police Orders

The protests in Hong Kong continue in spite of the heavy rain and police orders not to march.  Hundreds of thousands marched in the streets on Sunday!

Thousands and thousands of Hong Kong residents came out to protest the recent extradition order in spite of rain and police orders.  For the most part these are the most peaceful and considerate of any protesters on earth –

In spite of this one girl is now infamous for losing her eye during one of the protests when police fired upon her –

The protesters were anxious to know if the people in Hong Kong are behind them and they soon had their answer.  Promotional material was sent out before today’s (August 18) protests –

By mid-afternoon, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents took to the streets to protest for the 11th week in a row.  The crowds gathered at Victoria Park.  The government gave approval for the protesters to gather in the park but not to march –

The crowd size was massive in spite of torrential rains and could not be contained.  Eventually the people of Hong Kong marched from the park to Central Hong Kong in spite of the government not providing the ok for them to march –

This video provides a good picture of why they march and how they do it using social media –

The protesters received their answer.   The people of Hong Kong are behind them.

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