JUST IN: Wall Street Banks Give Congress, Corrupt New York AG Thousands of Trump Financial Documents

Several Wall Street banks have handed over thousands of Trump’s financial documents to Congress and the corrupt New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of another abusive congressional probe.

Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo have given thousands of documents to congressional investigators who are looking into whether Trump is being influenced by the Russians, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The House Financial Services and House Intelligence Committees requested Trump Organization financial documents, loans and emails to see if President Trump is being influenced by the Russians.


The subpoenas to the financial institutions were issued in April and according to the WSJ, the banks will likely continue to hand over documents to investigators in the weeks ahead.

President Trump previously sued to block Deutsche Bank and Capital One from handing over his and his family’s financial documents to congressional investigators.

Trump and the Trump Org also previously sued to block a subpoena from Congress for statements from accounting firm Mazars however, the firm said it will comply with the subpoena.

Recall, House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters bragged in June that she received information from a lot of banks.

President Trump is also battling NY AG Letitia James in court after the state tried to obtain his tax returns.

Stalin would be proud.

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