Jewish Skirball Center and Museum in Los Angeles Hosts Radical Leftist Exhibits And Pushes Indoctrination Materials On Children

Guest post by Ari David

The Skirball Center is a museum and community gathering place in The swanky Bel Air area of Los Angeles.

It’s main purpose and permanent museum collection is of and to celebrate Jewish Culture.

It is located adjacent to other prominent Jewish cultural institutions The Milken School, The American Jewish University and The Steven S. Weiss Synagogue.


The Skirball Center itself even has synagogue space on its grounds and hosts Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services as well as Jewish Weddings and Bar Mitzvah receptions.

Many West LA Jews have been to its extensive and beautiful grounds for these religious events as well as to the museum which has displays on Jewish Cultural history for adults and playgrounds and a permanent “Noah’s Ark” learning and play area for children.

The museum also has rotating displays. For instance they recently displayed an installation called “The Notorious RBG” which was a celebration of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Since Ginsburg is Jewish, this exhibit made sense for the Skirball Center to be the host museum.

But the Skirball Center also hosts exhibits that don’t make sense for a Jewish institution.

The Skirball Center is currently hosting two exhibits that are highly questionable as to how they relate to Jewish heritage, tradition and existence.

One is “Black is Beautiful” on the civil rights movement focusing mostly on extremely radical political activism.

The other a “celebration” of the LGBT “movement”.

While it is fine to host any exhibit a museum wants, the supporting materials and the content in the museum gift shop is another matter entirely.

For the “Black is Beautiful” exhibit, legitimate books on the subject for adults are displayed right next to radical indoctrination materials aimed at children!

The books that correspond with the LGBT exhibit are controversial to many including such titles as “Jacob’s New Dress”, “Jacob’s Room To Choose” and “Sparkle Boy”.

These books for children are displayed right next to books on clearly adult subjects like gay fashion icons and the Stonewall Riot.

But wait! There’s more.

One would think the radical indoctrination books might be displayed in the store only for controversial subjects like ones corresponding to an exhibit but look at the “Feminist Baby” children’s books that go with the Justice Ginsburg books.

Then we have the coup de grace:

A children’s book called “First Generation” that has ILHAN OMAR front and center on the cover!!!!

This book is located in the store away from an exhibit book displays but in the permanent area!!!!

What a disgrace for a Jewish institution to go out of it’s way to celebrate ideas and people that embody the opposite of Jewish cultural traditions and them indoctrinate Jewish children who come to this place with these destructive ideas.

Would a pro radical racial justice or LGBT museum carry children’s books celebrating Anita Bryant or Jimmy Swaggart? So why should a Jewish institution celebrate people who wish to destroy Jewish culture and Israel?

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