House Judiciary Committee Hits Don McGahn with Lawsuit to Force Testimony – Obama-Appointed Judge Assigned to Case

Don McGahn

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed in a letter on Wednesday that the Judiciary Committee will go to court today to force Trump’s former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify.

McGahn defied a congressional subpoena to testify a couple months ago, causing the Democrats to go into overdrive.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) called McGahn a ‘star witness’ alleging Trump obstructed justice when he instructed McGahn to fire Mueller — Trump denies he ever told McGahn to fire Mueller.

Mueller was never fired and there was no any underlying crime and no corrupt intent on Trump’s part — NO COLLUSION. NO OBSTRUCTION.

The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are however moving forward with an ‘impeachment investigation’ and believe McGahn has the goods on Trump and will turn out to be “this generation’s John Dean.”

Politico reported:

The Democrat-led panel filed a lawsuit to enforce a subpoena against former White House counsel Don McGahn, in a long-awaited effort to secure his testimony and defeat the White House’s efforts to block former top advisers from testifying about their West Wing tenure.

“McGahn is the Judiciary Committee’s most important fact witness in its consideration of whether to recommend articles of impeachment and its related investigation of misconduct by the president, including acts of obstruction of justice described in the special counsel’s report,” the filing states.

The filing also touches on what Democrats believe is the urgent nature of the lawsuit, as they seek to persuade a federal judge to issue a swift ruling in order to expedite consideration of impeachment.

“Each day that McGahn refuses to testify, the Judiciary Committee is deprived of its ability to carry out the significant Article I task of determining whether to recommend that the president be impeached and potentially removed from office,” the filing states.

In a statement ahead of the filing, McGahn’s lawyer William A. Burck said his client “does not believe he witnessed any violation of law” by the president, adding that McGahn “has an ethical obligation to protect client confidences.”

“[T]he president instructed Don to cooperate fully with the special counsel but directed him not to testify to Congress unless the White House and the committee reached an accommodation,” Burck said. “When faced with competing demands from co-equal branches of government, Don will follow his former client’s instruction, absent a contrary decision from the federal judiciary,” Politico reported.

This case was assigned to Judge Beryl A. Howell, an Obama appointee.

According to legal reporter Josh Gerstein, Judge Howell’s assignment was automatic because of the House’s claim that McGahn’s case is linked to the Mueller grand jury matter.

The Democrats are using every dirty trick in the book to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump and to harass his associates.

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