GOOD NEWS! Attorney Robert Barnes Launches Free America Law Center (FALC) to Combat Free Speech Threats


Attorney-to-the-stars Robert Barnes is once again pushing the envelope in his quest to slay more giants.

Fresh off formally launching lawsuits on behalf of the Convington Kids, Barnes has now launched the Free America Law Center, which he explains is “dedicated to protecting the freedom of speech, the freedom of thought, and the freedom of press in America against big tech and big media colluding” and will be centered around crowdfunded memberships.

“We have long needed a counterpart to the Southern Poverty Law Center… To do for civil rights and civil liberties in the modern digital age what the NAACP achieved in the 1960’s and 70’s for the rights of African Americans in this country,” he says in the promo video. “This organization depends on you. You get to decide what to make of it. You get to decide what power we are able to wield.”

Featuring the cases of the Convington Kids, Robyn Gritz, and Alex Jones, the website describes the organization as:

We are giant slayers.

At Free America Law Center, we cherish the freedoms for which the original patriots of 1776 fought by putting the power of the Constitution back into the hands of the people.

Free America Law Center democratizes the law by arming our members with the right to choose the legal battles our constitutional experts wage against suppression. Free America Law Center will empower you, the people, with the legal tools you deserve to deeply understand, celebrate, and, when necessary, defend your constitutional rights.



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