GOOD LUCK! Trump Campaign Thinks They Will Be Able to Influence Suburban Women Vote After Facebook Removes All Conservative Content to Same Group

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh went on with Stuart Varney on Varney and Co. on Thursday morning.

Tim went on  to promote the campaign’s focus on the suburban women vote.

The Trump campaign knows they must make inroads with Suburban women in order to win in 2020.


Via Varney and Co.

But this will be a very difficult battle for President Trump in 2020. 

In 2016 suburban women turned to Facebook to get their news.   The tech giants were very upset when they learned they played a role in Trump’s win and vowed not to let this happen again.  So in 2017 and 2018 Facebook deleted conservative content to their users including suburban women.  Over 1.5 billion page views were stolen from conservative publishers after Facebook changed their rules and decided what content they would allow users to share.  Several top conservative publishers were put out of business.  And suburban women were denied positive content on Trump.  

Democrats won over suburban women in 2018.  This allowed Pelosi and her wild-eyed bunch of lunatics to take control of the House.

The Trump administration must act on tech censorship to have any chance of winning in 2020.

Research psychologist Robert Epstein revealed earlier this year that just one Google shift in search results on Election Day in 2018 shifted from 800,000 to 4.6 million votes to Democratic candidates.

Dr. Robert Epstein, a Democrat, now believes Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon can manipulate and flip 15 million votes in the 2020 elections.

If Americans do not have the correct information they will not make the right choices.

We saw for two years the liberal mainstream media was pushing a complete hoax on the American public with their Trump-Russia collusion fantasy.  At least half of Americans beleived these deceitful people.

We know fake news has the ability to change minds.

Today Gateway Pundit is making a prediction.

Either the Trump administration and Republicans act on tech censorship before 2019 is over or they will face a huge upset in November 2020.




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