NY Times Mag Crank Says It’s 1619 Project to Smear US as Racist Sh*thole Is Actually “Patriotic” (VIDEO)

The hate news organization formally known as New York Times Magazine is pushing a new program to redefine America as some horrible racist sh*thole.

The project was announced around the same time that leaked audio revealed New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet telling his staff of propagandists to ditch the Russian collusion nonsense and start focusing on President Trump’s “racism.”

Today one of the leftist architects of this miserable program, Nikole Hannah-Jones claimed this was “patriotic.”


That’s how crazy these people are.
And they wonder why nobody takes them seriously anymore?

The Washington Times reported:

One of the chief architects of The New York Times magazine’s ambitious project to anchor American history in racism defended the work Thursday morning as “patriotic.”

In a Thursday appearance celebrated by her hosts on “CBS This Morning,” Nikole Hannah-Jones said the project was rooted in principles espoused by the Founding Fathers but not observed in the breach.

“This country was founded on ideals that were’t true at the time,” Ms. Hannah-Jones told the program’s hosts.

Her words echoed those The Times published on Aug. 14 when announcing their project, which the newspaper described as an effort “to set the record straight,” launched with an essay by Ms. Hannah-Jones declaring “our founding ideals were false when they were written.”

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