EXCLUSIVE…. SOMEONE IS LYING! Dates of When FBI Received Comey’s Memos Don’t Agree with Prior FBI Reporting!

The dates surrounding when the FBI obtained Comey’s memos are confusing at best.  Multiple dates are provided via the IG report and other reports from the FBI.

In yesterday’s IG report concerning former fired and disgraced FBI Director Jim Comey’s actions related to his memos created after his discussions with Donald Trump, the dates don’t make sense.

In the report the IG states that the FBI conducted a classification review of Comey’s memos between June 1st and 6th of 2017 –

Notice that this review included all of Comey’s memos.  The IG reports that the FBI must have had the memos on that date in order to classify them.


The IG also reports that Comey gave his partner in crime, James Rybicki copies of his memos –

He also generated a duplicate set of “originals” of Memos 2 through 7 for his Chief of Staff, James Rybicki, to maintain at the FBI.

Of course the dates that Rybicki received the memos are not noted in the report.  But we know that the memos were reviewed for classification in early June.

Then the IG reports that on June 7th the FBI obtained all of Comey’s emails –

The problem with these dates and reporting in the IG report is that the FBI swore in a prior court that the FBI recieved the memos on May 12th, 2017 –


May 12, 2017, is also the day that President Trump warned Comey that there may be recordings of his meetings with Comey –

This is the same time Comey started leaking his memos to the press [which now according to the IG report is fine to do if you work at the FBI and want to embarrass someone, anyone, even the President!] –

In addition a text between corrupt FBI agent and attorney Strzok and Page show that the FBI likely had Comey’s memos in May –

(Update from IG report more confusion regarding the memos – )

The dates don’t add up.  The story that copies of Comey’s memo’s were given to a partner in crime make no sense.  Why would they go to Comey’s house on June 7, 2017 if they already had the memos?  Someone is lying!

Hat tip D. Manny



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