EXCLUSIVE: John Brennan Caught in Another Big One – Claims Ignorance of Material Events Involving Trump – Russia Collusion Conspiracy While in Office

Former Obama CIA Director and current MSNBC contributor John Brennan is believed by some to be the architect of the Russia-Collusion sham.  He now claims he doesn’t know much about the topic!

John Brennan is said to be the mastermind of the coup to remove President Trump from office. Much of this sham started with the still unproven conspiracy that Hillary Clinton’s emails were stolen by Russia.  Once the emails were stolen, they were supposedly used by Russia to damage the US election and Hillary Clinton.

For example, we first hear of “dirt on Hillary” meaning Hillary’s leaked emails in the Papadopoulos setup by the Deep State:

House Democrats’ claim against Papadopoulos:  “Russians, through intermediaries, informed one of candidate Trump’s five named foreign policy advisors, George Papadopoulos, in April 2016 that the Russian government had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails” [source].

The Deep State is trying to claim that the ‘dirt’ term originated with the April 26, 2016, meeting between Professor Mifsud and George Papadopolous:

According to the Deep State, George Papadopoulos met with Professor Joseph Mifsud in London on this date.  Mifsud says Putin has thousands of Clinton emails.  Mr. Mifsud said he had returned from meetings with high-level officials in Moscow. There, he said, he learned that the Russians had “dirt” on Mrs. Clinton as Mr. Papadopoulos later told the F.B.I. Mifsud later denies having said that. [source]

Also, the always anti-Trump House Democrats claim that Mifsud showed Papadopoulos a preview of these leaked emails during this meeting:

In evidence before the FISA Court, the DOJ also revealed that the Russians previewed the release of this information to Mr. Papadopoulos at that time [source].

But the real question here is, when did the FBI/CIA/NSA learn about this “dirt on Hillary”?  Well, if the meeting occurred on April 26, 2016, Brennan said he discussed the “dirt on Hillary Clinton” with Jim Comey and Mike Rogers:

BRENNAN: Well, first, I knew that it was a very intense Russian effort to interfere in the election, number one. Number two, I am well aware and have a lot of experience in observing what the Russians will do to try to suborn American citizens, to get American citizens to work for them. And this was a very intensive effort. And, so, as I said in my op-ed, myself and Jim Comey and Mike Rogers at the NSA, we talked about the importance of making sure that our radar, our collection radar was up so that we had early indications – or be able to uncover – any effort on the part of the Russians to work with American citizens. 

The American citizens were reaching out to the Russians, as well, to see what they could get, see if they could [get] any dirt on Hillary Clinton.  So, my radar was going because I knew the Russians were engaged in this effort and I was aware of contacts with American citizens  – that may have been totally innocent on the American citizens’ part and maybe they weren’t abetting at all.

So it’s safe to assume that the FBI/CIA/NSA learned about the “dirt on Hillary Clinton” somewhere in between April 26, 2016 (date of the Mifsud-Papadopolous meeting where the term allegedly originated) and August 5, 2016 when the FBI/CIA/NSA started reporting on the issue.

But Brennan recently gave an interview to Rachell Maddow where he said he didn’t know the Russians were looking for Clinton’s emails until after he left office:

BRENNAN: So many things I learned since I left office because of what has appeared in the press. You know, the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr. and others. And also when I was CIA director, I didn’t know that it was the day that Mr. Trump basically gave a public call to the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, that it was in fact the same day that the GRU was actively looking for it (“it” being the emails) [source].

Brennan is not telling the truth again.  For him to suggest that he didn’t know about the Trump Tower setup with Donald Trump, Jr. or to suggest that the he didn’t know of the events involving Papadopoulos and Misfud until after he was out of office are preposterous.

We know that Brennan had regular weekly meetings in the White House where he brought the documents to be shared and let no one leave the meeting with this material.  He didn’t email the material in order to prevent a paper trail.  It wasn’t in Obama’s daily brief, it was too sensitive.  All the king pins in the Trump – Russia farce were there, from Obama on down.

It’s likely that Brennan didn’t just know about the Hillary email sham and all its ingredients but he likely put it all together.

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