EPIC FAIL: Woke HuffPo Reporter Schooled by HUD’s Lynne Patton in Ambush Interview on NYC Subway (Video)

HUD Region II Administrator Lynne Patton coolly handled an ambush interview by a woke, combative Huffington Post reporter on the New York City subway Tuesday, video taken by the HuffPo reporter shows. Patton later called the ambush interview an “epic fail”. It was.

Ja’han Jones spotted Patton seated on the subway and politely introduced himself as a HuffPo reporter while recording video on his smartphone. Patton engaged him while Jones stood at a respectful distance while peppering her with questions and arguments about President Trump calling out Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) for the rat-infested conditions of his Baltimore congressional district.

Jones posted the video in two segments. The videos are a bit jumpy at times as they are on a moving subway car. Patton parries Jones’ jabs with ease, not accepting his false premises and schooling him on HUD policy and who in government is responsible for the conditions in public housing–all while keeping an eye on her own smartphone.


Patton defends President Trump, patiently explaining how HUD works, the federal funding issue in Cummings’ district, that Baltimore and New York are vermin-infested and that in New York the rat infestation is not a socio-economic issue. That the videos did not go viral on the left is a testament to how well Patton handled the ambush interview.

Patton tells Jones she recently had to close a children’s school in Harlem because rats were dropping from the ceiling. Jones had no interest in that shocking story of Democrat child abuse, instead repeatedly attacking President Trump over his Baltimore comments.

Patton and Jones carried on later on Twitter, with Jahan upset at being called “f***ing fake news”. Patton’s meme game is strong, very strong (Note: Patton was tweeting on her personal, not government account.)




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