Corrupt Facebook Uses Washed-Up CNN Hack Alan Duke with 8,000 Twitter Followers to Silence Conservative Websites

Thanks to a loyal reader we discovered that Facebook has blocked traffic to Gateway Pundit.  Facebook now has a warning box that pops up when you click on our Facebook page.

Facebook decided to start using fact-checkers AFTER they eliminated a majority of conservative content on their platform.

And Facebook continues to lie to Congress and government officials and pretend this isn’t the case.

Facebook eliminated over a billion page views to conservative websites from 2017 thru 2018.  Thanks to James O’Keefe we know this was their plan all along.

Then Facebook decided they needed to hide their criminal acts and pretend they are a non-biased platform which is what they tell their users, the public, their shareholders and DC lawmakers.

Recently Facebook hired some unknown website Lead Stories to fact-check (conservative) websites.

If you look up Gateway Pundit you get a warning that “Lead Stories” has flagged several of our articles.

Thanks to our loyal reader for researching this junk website.

So thanks to our reader we discovered that “Lead Stories” was started by washed-up CNN hack Alan Duke who has a total of 8,000 followers on Twitter. Alan gets to decide who is granted the right to Free Speech in America today. It’s quite a privilege. It’s a very important position.

Facebook has eliminated traffic to conservative sites, lied about it, then started using a far left CNN hack to cover their tracks. Their actions have cost conservative publishers traffic, influence and income.

We did some research and found that Gateway Pundit popped up seven times on his website.

If you do a search on Lead Stories for Gateway Pundit you come up with seven stories.

We looked at these reports that flag The Gateway Pundit.

** The first report claims we misreported on the Ukrainian connections to Hillary’s campaign when we spoke directly to an embassy employee for our report.
** The 2nd, 3rd, 4h and 5th have nothing to do with Gateway Pundit and our reporting. They were never posted on Gateway Pundit.
** the 6th and 7th listings go to blank pages. You can’t even read their reports!

Facebook used these junk reporting to label The Gateway Pundit as a conspiracy website.

There are several conservative publishers waiting to sue Facebook for their discrimination against conservative voices. Many of us have actual damages. So far Facebook is getting away with its lies. We pray this is not always the case.

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