Concerned “Whistleblower” Provided All 7 of Comey’s Memos to OIG After Comey Was Fired — Who is the FBI/DOJ Whistleblower?

James Comey

The DOJ Inspector General released a report on James Comey Thursday morning on his mishandling of memos he drafted stemming from nine conversations he had with President Trump.

Although it was determined that Comey violated FBI policies pertaining to retention, handling and dissemination of FBI records and information, Barr declined prosecution.

The IG report revealed details on how Comey drafted the memos, printed the memos and how he stored them.

Comey drafted 7 memos stemming from 9 conversations he had with President Trump beginning January 7th 2017 through April 2017. According to FOIA docs obtained by Judicial Watch, Comey drafted another memo in June of 2017 a full month after he was fired.

The IG report states that Comey printed up two “original copies” every time he drafted a memo. Every time he was done drafting a memo, he would immediately give a copy to his then-Chief of Staff James Rybicki and Comey kept the other copy for himself.

According to Rybicki and other FBI officials who knew about Comey’s memos, they didn’t know where Comey was storing the memos.

It turns out Comey stored 4 of his memos (two of which were classified) in his personal safe in his home. The FBI installed a SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] in Comey’s home, however, he decided to put the classified memos in a personal safe (his Trump-hating wife had access to the safe).

The memos contained classified information, including sensitive information about which foreign leaders Trump had spoken to so a concerned whistleblower decided to come forward.

Experts argue that all 7 of Comey’s memos are considered classified and the FBI underclassified the memos in order to protect their dear leader.

An individual who claimed whistleblower status ended up providing the Office of Inspector General with all 7 of Comey’s memos.

Via page 37 of the IG report:

Shortly after Comey’s removal, a set of the seven Memos was provided to the OIG by a Department employee, who claimed whistleblower status. This individual viewed the Memos as extremely sensitive documents and was concerned that there should be a separate set deposited somewhere for safekeeping. The OIG handled and stored all seven Memos consistent with the requirements for classified information, even though only Memo 1 had any classification markings at that time.

Who is this FBI/DOJ whistleblower?

Shortly after Comey was fired, his chief of staff informed an SSA of the existence of Comey’s memos.

This SSA cleaned out Comey’s office and inventoried Comey’s records, including 6 out of 7 memos:

According to notes maintained by the SSA in charge of inventorying Comey’s records, on May 15, 2017, Rybicki notified the SSA that there were additional documents belonging to Comey stored in the reception area near the former Director’s office, in desk-drawer safes belonging to Comey’s administrative assistant, and in Rybicki’s office. These documents were collected into two boxes and, among other things, contained six of the original Memos. The SSA’s notes reflect that Rybicki also told the SSA about a seventh document (Memo 5) that Comey had sent to Rybicki on March 1 via the FBI’s unclassified email system, and Rybicki provided the SSA with a copy of the email.

The SSA told the OIG that this was the first time he learned about the existence of the Memos. According to the SSA’s notes, Rybicki told the SSA that he did not tell anyone about the Memos during the May 10 inventory because he understood that process to only include Comey’s office. The SSA inventoried the two additional boxes of documents, including the Memos, and then transferred these two boxes to RMD’s custody.

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