CNN’s White House Activist Jim Acosta Shouts at President Trump as He Leaves G7 Press Conference Stage (VIDEO)

CNN’s resident activist Jim Acosta attempted to go viral again on Monday by shouting at the president as he was leaving the stage following a press conference.

Acosta, notorious for attempting to get attention for himself instead of reporting the news, shouted at the president and heckled him about climate change as the Group of Seven (G7) Summit wrapped up.

Acosta, just in case nobody noticed him, tweeted “at the end of the news conference I asked Trump whether he believed in climate change. He walked away from the stage and didn’t answer the question.”

The video clearly shows the president was already leaving the stage when the activist began shouting at him.


“As this video shows, Trump walks away from perfectly capable of hearing the questions on whether he believes in climate change. He clearly heard and he didn’t want to answer it. Saying you want “clean air” and “clean water” isn’t the same as recognizing the climate change threat,” Acosta continued once he found the video online.

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