“Breathtakingly Ignorant or a Pathological Liar” – Israeli Advocacy Group DESTROYS Ilhan Omar’s Countless Lies Following Cancelled Trip

In March the Israel Advocacy Movement exposed a number of people that Rashida Tlaib publicly thanks and is friends with, who post explicit pro-terror content and calls to violence such as “kill every zionist”.

The video went viral and exposed Democrat Rashida Tlaib and her antisemitic circle of influence.

On Thursday Democrats Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were banned from Israel over their suspected provocations against Israel.
Their trip was planned by the antisemitic, pro-terror Miftah organization.


Following the cancellation anti-Semite Ilhan Omar posted a string of Jew-bashing tweets.

The tweets did not go unnoticed.

On Sunday the Israel Advocacy Movement broke down Ilhan Omar’s statements on Israel.

It is brutal!

As they say in the video Ilhan Omar is “either breathtakingly ignorant or a pathological liar.”

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