BREAKING: Former Overstock CEO Says ‘Russian Spy’ Butina Discussed Mtg with Don Jr. – She Offered Byrne Mtg with Putin (VIDEO)

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne claimed in a memo obtained by Fox Business, that Maria Butina, the alleged ‘Russian spy’ offered him a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Mr. Byrne sent Fox Business a second memo claiming he sent the government information that Maria Butina was trying to set up a meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

Maria Butina, who is currently in jail, claimed she also met with someone in Hillary’s circle, according to the memo Byrne offered the government.


Butina was also focusing on Ted Cruz, Rubio and Trump, according to Byrne.

Last week Patrick Byrne appeared on Fox News and CNN with claims that the FBI, which he refers to as ‘men in black’ pushed him to contact Maria Butina.

Byrne said on an appearance on CNN that the orders from the FBI came directly from Peter Strzok, the former counterintelligence chief who opened the CI investigation into Trump dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane.”


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