Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour Ignores Question About Melania Trump, Says Michelle Obama is ‘Example I admire’

Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour refused to answer a question about model First Lady Melania Trump’s fashion, saying that Michelle Obama is “the example that I admire.”

In the latest episode of “The Economist asks” podcast, Wintour was asked by host Anne McElvoy about the First Lady’s fashion choices during her recent trip to the United Kingdom. Specifically, she was asked if she valued Melania Trump’s decision to wear British designers for the visit.

“She did come to the UK and I think very consciously wanted to see herself as an ambassador for British fashion in this case or transatlantic ambassador,” McElvoy said of Trump’s fashion. “Do you value that?”

Wintour dodged the question and made it all about Michelle Obama.

“I think first lady Michelle Obama really was so incredible in every decision she made about fashion. She supported young American designers. She supported designers, indeed, from all over the world. She was the best ambassador that this country could possibly have in many ways, obviously, way beyond fashion,” Wintour said, rudely.

“But she’s not the first lady now,” McElvoy said. “So what about the one you’ve got now?”

“To me, [Obama] is the example that I admire,” Wintour said.

McElvoy also asked Wintour about the fact that Melania has not appeared on their covers since becoming the First Lady.

Michelle Obama was on the cover of Vogue three times despite her questionable fashion choices. Meanwhile, model and fashion icon Melania Trump has not graced their cover since 2005.

McElvoy asked if it was a conscious decision for the Vogue to “lift up the portrayal of Democratic women.”

“I think it’s important for Vogue to support women who are leading change in this country,” Wintour replied.


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