VIDEO: Protesters Dump Buckets Of Fake Blood At ICE Building in Portland

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The brave immigrants rights activists are back at it with yet another virtue signaling “protest” that resulted in, well, only them looking like complete idiots. Someone had the bright idea to pour buckets of fake blood on the street in front of the Portland (duh) ICE building, to represent, well, some sort of oppression, or something.

They’re also declaring “climate justice” to be “immigration justice” because reasons.

Video from KOIN 6 news:

The Oregonian adds:

The protest, put together by Extinction Rebellion PDX, OccupyICEPDX, the Portland Sanctuary Coalition and the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, was named El Rio de Sangre, or the River of Blood to demonstrate against deaths at the Rio Grande and for those coming to the border, such as the father and daughter who recently drowned trying to cross it. The blood also symbolized “the bloodshed of the U.S.’s racist immigration policies,” activists said.

The protestors also said they were highlighting the impacts of climate change that they said is driving migrants up to over the southern border. People in Central America are migrating to escape the drought causing hunger in the area, according to NBC News.

“We believe the U.S. has a big responsibility as the biggest contributor to carbon emissions globally,” said Cassia Gammill, an activist from Extinction Rebellion PDX. “We caused the climate crisis, and we need to take responsibility. Punishing the people who are suffering for it is wrong.”

Protestors in white with “ICE” painted on held signs that said “Climate Justice = Immigration Justice,” and “ICE has blood on its hands,” and blocked the street in front of the ICE building, near SW Bancroft and Macadam.

The fake blood caused slick conditions on the road, Portland police spokeswoman Lt. Tina Jones said. The eastbound side of the road was closed for about two hours while the Portland Bureau of Transportation helped with the cleanup.

Jones said there could be potential charges of reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Portland police are asking anyone with information to call the bureau’s non-emergency line.

(Insert joke about Portland police actually charging anyone.)

Extinction Rebellion is the latest far left enviro wackos, who had previous staged a sit-in on railroad tracks and a separate protest where a woman glued her breasts to the ground.

You may recall that the Portland ICE building was put under siege by the far left activists for several weeks last summer, where near riots broke out and several protesters were arrested. The now-world infamous vichy “mayor” Ted Wheeler had ordered the Portland “police” to not respond to calls for help from ICE employees who were being threatened and attacked by the rabid mob. That inaction has since led to a lawsuit against the city.


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