Tucson Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal Posts Video of Detention Center Tour, Makes AOC Look Ridiculous

Tucson’s Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal has posted a video tour of a detention center for illegal migrants and refuted the “toilet water” claims made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In the video, posted to Twitter by Arizona Customs and Border Protection, Villareal showed the supply room filled with clothes and supplies for the illegal migrants. He also showed a cart filled with snacks, tooth brushes, baby formula and other necessities that are available to the detainees.

The goal of the video, Villareal said, was to “dispel some of the misinformation out there in regards to our tent cities.”

Villareal entered one of the cells and explained that there is a toilet with a sink connected on the top that supplies fresh water. After visiting a facility, Ocasio-Cortez cried to the media repeatedly about being told that detainees were told to “drink from the toilet.” She failed to explain that the toilet/sink combos are common in all types of detention centers.

To illustrate that the water is fresh and not being taken from the toilet bowl or anything strange like that, Villareal poured himself a glass and drank it.

According to a report from News 13, Villareal, has been working with Border Patrol for 30 years, and took charge of the Tucson Sector in March 2019.


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