Tommy Robinson Transferred to UK Prison Known as a “Jihadist Training Camp”

As reported last week by Cassandra Fairbanks…

UK activist Tommy Robinson was sentenced to six months in prison last week for three counts of contempt of court.  He was sent back to prison immediately following the conclusion of the hearing.

The sentence is highly unusual as contempt of court cases almost always lead to a non-custodial sentence — especially for journalists. Typically, a media outlet or journalist would face a slap on the wrist or light fine. Yet, one of the judges in the case, Dame Victoria Sharp, said that “nothing less than a custodial penalty would reflect the gravity” of the situation.

The judge admitted that they specifically wanted to make an example of Robinson.


YouTube then removed video of Tommy Robinson from Cassandra Fairbanks’ channel.
Tommy was begging the Trump administration to save him from his dangerous ordeal.

Tommy Robinson is an outspoken critic of Muslim child rape gangs in Great Britain.
For this he is under constant threat of violence from the Muslim community. reported this week that Tommy Robinson was reportedly transferred to the Belmarsh prison. The maximum security facility in south London was once described as a “jihadi training camp.”

The UK government wants Tommy Robinson dead.

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