The Actions by the Democrat Party Will Ultimately Lead to President Trump Being Labeled a Hero for Truth and Perseverance for Generations to Come

The Democrats actions in the Trump – Russia Witch Hunt continue to be on the side of the criminal Deep State.

Already President Trump has shown how to overcome and succeed in spite of a massive onslaught from the Democrats, their media and the Deep State crooks in the US government.

President Trump’s actions may lead to him being recognized for centuries as one of the greatest leaders in US history and the corrupt Democrats, their media and the Deep State are to blame.

President Trump continues to move forward and beyond the wicked and corrupt actions of the criminal Deep State, the media and the Democrats.

Jobs are at all time highs with more people working than ever in US history.  Unemployment is at 50 year lows.  The stock market is up almost 50% since the 2016 election and approaching new highs again.  The President tweeted this reminder out this morning while smashing the Deep State’s savior Robert Mueller from the phony Trump-Russia Witch Hunt:

The President has really succeeded in spite of the huge corrupt and criminal coup that started the day he decided to run for President.  He rightfully claims that he may have accomplished more in his first two and a half years in office than any President in history.

On the other hand, his opponents have accomplished little or nothing in the same time span.  They put all their efforts into the coup to remove President Trump from office.  It didn’t work.

The saying goes, ‘If you’re going to kill the king you better not miss.’  This was never more accurate than today.  At every major intersection since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, the Democrats chose the absolute wrong option.  They push the coup.  They push racism.  They push illegal immigration.  They push higher taxes… and on and on and on….

The Democrats are so raving mad that they have no idea that they are even in the wrong.  After Mueller’s spectacle where he looked like an stuttering and incompetent idiot, they decided they would continue with their coup in spite of increasing numbers of Democrats believing the Mueller gang was conflicted before the bloodbath yesterday.

The significant problem with Democrats continuing down the current path is that they are emboldening the Deep State to carry on with criminal and corrupt activities.  Former CIA agent Sabrina De Sousa shared the following with us:

While I can’t go into specifics, I can say without reservation that Congress abrogating their oversight responsibilities has emboldened the CIA’s leadership into undertaking a rogue operation with foreign Intelligence services based on “bad information” (Clinton win) to target Americans for the purpose of bringing down the Presidency.

The Democrats have to either turn right or continue down the path of political suicide.  They either decide to stand for justice, or be totally destroyed.  It looks like they choose destruction and this will end up with their ultimate horror.

The Democrats, their media and their Deep State will end up making President Trump, not just a two term President, but a folk hero for generations to come.


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Joe Hoft is a Radio Host at, Author, Former International Corporate Executive in Hong Kong for a Decade, and a Contributor at TGP since 2016. Joe is the author of five books, including his new bestseller, "The Steal: Volume II - The Impossible Occurs" which addresses the stolen 2020 Election and provides an inventory of issues that prove that the 2020 Election was uncertifiable and never should have been certified for Joe Biden.

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