Ted Malloch: Hey DUDE! Boris Johnson is Prime Minister

Guest post by Ted Malloch

At roughly 2 PM yesterday Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Number 10 Downing Street now has a full throated, committed and energized Brexiteer in charge.


He committed again in his first speech to deliver Brexit by October 31st, “no, ifs, ands or buts.”

To that single promise: he will be held accountable.

In a massive change of government that is quite unprecedented, the new PM put an entire team of firm Brexit stalwarts in his cabinet changing everything.

The vision he announced is spelled DUDE.

  • Deliver Brexit
  • Unite the country
  • Defeat the Labour Socialists
  • Energize the nation.

This is a new ‘Can-Do’ spirit that will make Britain GREAT again.

Watch Boris here:

This do or die path is an all-out 99-day push to make sure the referendum vote to LEAVE the European Union in June of 2016 now comes to fruition.

President Trump was one of the first world leaders to welcome in BOJO, as he is known in Britain, and thinks he will be “great.”

Already, we see a slipping away from the horrible, negative and surrendering attitude of his immediate predecessor and the emergence of a true, robust Leader.

EU beware!

With a maniacal mentality, Boris is on a sprint to make up for lost time and the abysmal administration of Theresa May.

He has his work cut out for him.

It will not be easy.

But it is doable if he does these four things, and he knows it.

I have told him and his closest advisors so repeatedly and again, yesterday.

1 Go to Washington first and meet President Trump. Seal a US-UK Free Trade Deal. Start formal talks tomorrow. This will send a signal and especially to the evil EU negotiators that the future lies elsewhere.

2 Appoint a new UK Ambassador to the US, first thing; one who is your man in DC. He cannot be a stale, unreliable, duplicitous civil servant but should be a deal maker businessperson with Brexit credentials and ties directly to you and a friendly attitude and access to Trump.

3 Get ready a full-fledged, highly organized PR and campaign team immediately to sell your deal and take control of the situation, including a team of expert external advisors to get this over the line. Do not wait. Go on the offensive.

4 Announce you have a Deal. Put your deal in writing and after seeking and getting Trump’s endorsement, then and only then, go to Brussels and present it to the EU cronies — as a take it or leave it offer. It will be a Canada-Plus Free Trade agreement. A 15-page withdrawal (no backstops) statement wrapped into one clear and cogent document and the 39 billion quid will only be paid in two equal installments. One on agreeing and the rest on the enactment of the formal FTA.

Go Team GB.

This is bigger than the Olympics.

This is your time in the sun and all of the world is watching.

We are with you.

Stand Firm.

Boris is a Classics major from Oxford, so here is what he needs to pin to his door:

Vos Confirmate Corda Motto.

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