Six ‘Separated’ Migrant (Illegal Alien) Families Sue US Government – Demand $3 Million Each to Pay For Counseling to Heal From “Torture”

Obama’s illegal alien separation cage

Six migrant (illegal alien) families filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration on Monday seeking $3 million each saying they need money to pay for medical care and counseling to pay for the “torture” they endured over last year’s so-called ‘family separations.’

Five out of the six families illegally crossed the border and were arrested and the sixth family showed up to a port of entry without permission.

The Justice Department’s “zero tolerance” policy is aimed at saving lives and to deter illegal aliens from flooding across the border using children as their golden ticket.

DNA tests prove that over 30% of the children accompanying adults seeking asylum have no relation whatsoever — in other words, the children are being trafficked.

The US government separates the families just like they would if they were to arrest an American citizen. Children do not accompany their parents in jail.

Left-wing anti-American ‘advocacy groups’ however are suing over this “zero tolerance” policy claiming it is intended to inflict “emotional distress” on the migrant adults and the children.

One Guatemalan woman identified as “Leticia” says she was left traumatized and her daughter is still having nightmares.

In her complaint, Leticia says her daughter has nightmares and night sweats, and sometimes blurts out, “Don’t let them take me away again,” reported the Washington Times.

So these illegal aliens claim they are fleeing threats of gang violence from their home countries, but the migrant detention centers is what traumatized them — makes sense.

The Washington Times reported:

A federal judge in June ordered an end to the separations and ordered the families reunited. That sent the government scrambling to reconnect more than 2,000 children who had been separated from parents who, in some cases, had already been deported.

A legal battle over the pace of reunifications is still being fought in a federal court in California, but Monday’s action is a separate step, seeking to make those snared in the separations whole.

The claims were filed under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Monday’s action was a notification of claims, and the government now has six months to evaluate the claims and decide what to do.

If the migrants don’t find the government’s response satisfactory, they can file a lawsuit to try to enforce their demand.

Each claimant seeks $3 million.

Of the six migrant families, five appear to have sneaked across the border and been arrested as illegal immigrants. Based on the filings, the sixth appears to have shown up at a port of entry without permission.

Each of the families then made a claim for asylum, and those claims are pending, giving them a tentative status.

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