SHOCKER: Meghan McCain Manages to Make Even the Trump/Omar Feud About Herself

Late Senator John McCain’s daughter has long been criticized for managing to make any and every topic about either herself or her father — and that was on display once again as she whined about the “send her back” chant at a North Carolina Trump rally.

Meghan McCain did her typical victimhood routine on Thursday’s episode of The View.

Speaking on President Trump’s criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar, and the chant that took place during his speech, the Never-Trump “Republican” first complained that she was upset that it interrupted her dinner.

“It was really dystopian,” McCain said. “I was trying to go out to dinner and ignore politics. My family is in town, and came home and saw it on Twitter and then saw it on TV, and look.”


McCain went on to moan that Trump’s criticism of Omar is taking away from her own ability to criticize the freshmen lawmaker.

“Everyone at this table, and I think, people that watch this show or have ever seen the dumpster fire of my interview with Seth Meyers know I have been one of Ilhan Omar’s most vocal critics regarding Israel, regarding some of her comments I and others interpreted as anti-Semitic,” McCain said. “But the problem right now is, you’re taking away my agency to criticize her policy.”

Trump has disavowed the chant and said that he was “not happy with it.”“I was not happy with it. I disagree with it,” Trump told to reporters at the White House on Thursday.

Trump said that he attempted to stop the chant by continuing his speech.

Speaking to reporters in the Oval Office on Thursday, Trump said that he “felt a little bit badly” about the chant and would “certainly try” to prevent it from happening again at future rallies.

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