SHOCK VIDEO: Unhinged Woman Violently Pushes Catholic Priest Off Stage in Sneak Attack During Mass in Front of 50,000

An unhinged protester shocked thousands of Mass goers in São Paulo on Sunday when she ran up behind Father Marcelo Rossi and shoved him from behind off a stage in Brazil.

Fr. Marcelo Rossi was preaching to 50,000 attendees in São Paulo when the woman assaulted him.
Rossi, who did not see the woman sneak up behind him, flew off the stage into the crowd.

The Catholic congregation was predictably SHOCKED and screamed in horror!

According to Inquirer Father Rossi is a popular Catholic priest in Brazil known for his lively Sunday services and has sold millions of musical records.


The woman attacker gave several reasons for the attack and lied to police.
Fr. Rossi did not press charges.

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