Schiff Says Dems May Pursue Impeachment Against Trump For Asserting Executive Privilege Over White House Counsel Don McGahn (VIDEO)

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on Sunday that the Democrats will pursue impeachment against Trump if he continues to assert executive privilege over his White House counsel Don McGahn — even if there is no evidence of an underlying crime.

This is the modern day Commie-Dem party. Stalin would be proud.

Schiff told Chuck Todd that there’s “no simple answer” on impeachment and that he’s actually afraid the Dems will lose the case if they go to trial.


“I worry equally though Chuck about the message of taking impeachment case to trial, losing that case, having the president acquitted and then having an adjudication that this conduct is not impeachable,” Schiff said.

Schiff then said that the American people have to be convinced there’s a case for impeachment.

Chuck Todd asked Schiff about a time crunch and wanted to know when the Dems have to actually begin impeachment before it’s too late.

Schiff responded by saying, “there may get to a point in the Fall where we decide ‘look he is violating a different provision of the Constitution by obstructing the Congress in its lawful and Constitutional duty.”

Schiff admitted it isn’t a crime for the president to obstruct Congress (he’s not obstructing), rather it’s a “misdemeanor” and argued it’s still an impeachable offense.

President Trump has the power to assert executive privilege to protect the executive branch from Congress.

Constitutional expert and attorney, Mark Levin confirmed this to Sean Hannity after Trump asserted executive privilege over his White House Counsel Don McGahn.

“So, why does the president exert executive privilege? Because he’s trying to hide crimes or financial misconduct? Or, he doesn’t want information to get out? No, because he’s protecting the executive branch,” Levin said to Hannity recently.

“Executive privilege can be asserted for a number of reasons, including protecting the privacy of White House deliberations,” Levin told Hannity. “That is, a president [and] immediate staff – like Don McGahn, his lawyer.”

Pencil Neck Schiff is clearly desperate to keep running the ‘Trump impeachment’ narrative after his ‘Russian collusion’ coup attempt failed and Mueller went down in flames.


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