Rudy Giuliani Blasts Bill de Blasio After Video of NYPD Officers Being Attacked with Buckets and Water in NYC Goes Viral

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted the current mayor, Bill de Blasio, after a video of NYPD being doused with water and hit with buckets during an arrest went viral.

In the footage, two officers are seen being surrounded by men and drenched with water — but their hands are tied so they stand there and take the abuse.

De Blasio is currently campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination in 2020.

Giuliani responded to the incident on Twitter, writing that “this disrespect for the uniform in NYC is result of a Democrat-Progressive (Retrogressive)-Socialist Mayor. This is what happens with knee-jerk disrespect for police. It will only get worse until these Left wing idiots are defeated.”


“That would never happen in a million years while I was mayor of New York City,” Giuliani continued his condemnation during an appearance on Fox News. “Actually, it wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have a progressive, retrogressive, completely lazy mayor in New York City who is absolutely destroying the quality of life in this city. He’s a disgrace, and actually, even Democrats don’t support him and are embarrassed of him.”

Giuliani, who is now a lawyer for President Donald Trump, said that the assaults were “anti-American.”

“That poor police officer, his morale has been destroyed. And the way you reduce crime is to have police officers with high morale. That uniform should be respected,” Giuliani added. “I lost almost 100 police officers in the line of duty. I lost a cousin and I have four uncles who were police officers and when I see that uniform disrespected, it just shouldn’t happen in America. That’s anti-American.”

“You want to talk about anti-American? You are entitled to say that is anti-American when you attack the military uniform or the police uniform. Too many people have died, too many people have died protecting us wearing that uniform.”

Edward D. Mullins, president of the NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association, has also called for de Blasio to step down over the incident.

“The perpetrators of these crimes are emboldened by the Mayor, who has shown nothing but disdain and contempt for the police since January 2014, when he was sworn into his first term,” he said in a statement released on Twitter.

For his part, de Blasio has responded to the incident by saying that “we won’t tolerate this kind of disrespect.”

“Completely unacceptable,” he tweeted. “A video from the 28 Precinct shows people interfering in an arrest by throwing water and objects at officers. The NYPD kept New Yorkers safe through the heatwave and last night’s outages. We won’t tolerate this kind of disrespect. NYPD is investigating.”

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