Rudy DROPS BOMB Before Mueller Testimony! Conspiracy to Frame Donald Trump Jr. Began as Early as Dec. 2015 Was Hatched in Washington! (VIDEO)

Rudy Giuliani joined FOX and Friends on Wednesday morning before the Mueller testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

This comes after his appearance last night here he promised to release information after Mueller’s testimony on the intelligence community’s plot to frame President Trump.

On Wednesday morning Rudy told FOX and Friends the conspiracy to frame Donald Trump, Jr. began as early as December 2015.


Rudy Giuliani: Some evidence could help the investigation on the conspiracy to frame Donald Trump Jr. which probably started as early as December 2015 was hatched somewhere in Washington, was transferred to the UK, was transmitted to the Ukrainian embassy in the Ukraine in Kiev, which was transferred somewhere in Washington. I know their names. I got transcripts of it. If they don’t bring it out. We’ll bring it out.

Via FOX and Friends:

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