REPORT: Ousting of DNI Dan Coats is Start of Major Trump Shake-Up to Rock Intelligence Community – More Changes Coming

The Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats resigned over the weekend and Trump announced he nominated GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe to replace Coats.

The ousting of Dan Coats is “just the start of a major Trump shake-up of the Intelligence Community,” investigative reporter Paul Sperry said.

“More changes are coming at other IC agencies.” Sperry added.


The ODNI is “Deep State central” Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs Monday evening.

Dan Coats (Clapper 2.0) immediately became defiant after President Trump gave Attorney General Bill Barr the authority to declassify Spygate documents.

Dan Coats spread the Russian interference hoax and was causing a bottleneck for Barr and Durham in the declassification process in their Spygate investigation.

“The ODNI was in many ways Deep State central in terms of protecting Hillary Clinton believe it or not, while targeting president Trump,” Fitton said, adding that the ODNI is just an extra bureaucracy that doesn’t add anything to the national security of the US.

Fitton said that Ratcliffe, who was nominated by President Trump to take over as DNI takes the job, should curtail the powers there and clean house.

Ratcliffe intends to “clean house” according to a report by Bloomberg News.

Obama holdovers and Deep State loyalists have been a huge problem for Trump. These Deep Staters in the Intel agencies have been targeting Trump and blocking any real investigation into Hillary Clinton and Obama’s Spygate scheme.

The DOJ Inspector General’s report on FISA abuses is due in September which could get the ball rolling on the next Trump shake-up — Who’s next on the chopping block?

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