Rebel Media Reporter Brings Jumbotron Truck Featuring ‘The Squad’ Refusing to Denounce Antifa to DNC HQ (VIDEOS)

Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte brought a “No Hate” jumbotron truck playing videos of “The Squad” to the Democratic National Committee headquarters in DC, urging all politicians to condemn Antifa and terrorism.

The Democrats were not too pleased with the truck playing videos of their politicians and attempted to kick Bexte off the sidewalk by their building.

Bexte has been confronting lawmakers on Capitol Hill and asking them to condemn the attacks, which all of the freshmen far-left congresswomen have refused to do.

The truck, which will be driving around DC all day on Thursday, featured him grilling Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley — and their refusal to condemn last week’s attack on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Tacoma, Washington, by an armed Antifa activist. The attacker used the same wording as “The Squad” of freshmen lawmakers, including calling the facility a “concentration camp.”


When asked by Gateway Pundit about the motivation for the truck,Bexte pointed out that Americans deserve to know where the “radical band of Democrats” stand on Antifa’s violence.

“Condemning terrorism is the bare minimum we should expect from politicians. The Squad failed to do that this week. Americans deserve to know where this radical band of Democrats stand on Antifa’s violent, militant, and terrorist actions against the nation, and that’s what this billboard truck is for. Silicon Valley can’t censor this!” Bexte said.

“Honestly, I thought ‘will you condemn terrorism?’ would be a non-controversial question. The Squad™ relies on the grassroots support of Antifa – that is why they will not renounce them and their violent tendencies immediately and unequivocally. They are the Antifa Caucus,” Bexte tweeted.

When Bexte parked the truck outside the DNC, he was quickly confronted by their armed guards.

“So I parked our Squad Truck outside DNC HQ over lunch. Of course, because the DNC hates the first ammendment, an armed guard came out to threaten me on a public sidewalk. I asked, am I allowed to be on a public sidewalk, the response? ‘We gonna find out. We gonna find out.’ Yeesh,” Bexte tweeted of the incident.

Rebel Media has launched and is urging people to sign their petition demanding all lawmakers condemn political violence.

Visit to sign the petition and support their efforts.

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