“Rats the Size of Cats” – Reporter Visits Rep. Cummings’ District, ‘It Looks Like a Foreign War Zone’ (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

West Baltimore

President Trump came under fire by the Commie-media complex after he called out Democrat Rep. Cummings for allowing his district to become a rat-infested hell hole.

Cummings’ Baltimore district is not only covered in trash and rats, the violence is off the charts.

But Trump is racist for pointing out these facts.

The Commie-media complex was actually defending the rat-infested trash heaps in Baltimore.

TPSUA reporter Benny Johnson visited Cummings’ district and he said it looked like a foreign war zone.

Benny Johnson said he spoke to people who have lived in the district for over 60 years.

Follow this thread to see the truth about Cummings’ rat-infested trashed district:

Every person he spoke to confirmed the district is rat-infested. One man said the rats are the size of cats and run through his house regularly — another called it a “plague or rats.”

One of Cummings’ constituents showed Benny Johnson a flyer from the city begging them to help with the rat infestation.

There are trash piles everywhere — there’s even a sign that says ‘DO NOT PUT TRASH HERE.’

People told Benny Johnson that they do not go outside after dark. Houses are crumbling, drugs, violence and murder are rampant.

“No one has a job” one man said.

A 30 foot tree was growing inside one of the crumbling structures. “It looks like a foreign war zone.”


“Every person I spoke with in Rep Cummings district was deeply kind to my crew and me,” Benny Johnson said in a tweet. “Wonderful, beautiful people. Here is what they all had in common: They feel abandoned by their politicians. With a district like this – can you really blame them?”

Make no mistake, this is exactly what the Democrats want every city in the US to look like and their policies will lead us right to the destruction.

Cummings and Pelosi enjoy living lavish lifestyles, eating at 5-star restaurants while their constituents (proles) live among rats and piles of rubbish.

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